Dakota Hunt - Pay Dirt

Johnathan Flechas just released his 2nd full-length. "Noise" Two is definitely one to go in the records as one of Florida's greatest. Featuring the likes of Jamal Gibbs, Jack Bartolucci, Andrew Considine, Trevor Thompson, Max Van Arnem, Salomon Cardenas, Kevin Shealy, and more Fl homies. Watch the trailer to get a taste of what is seen in the full video...if you haven't watched already.

"Noise Two" Out Now

Salomon's "Noise Two" Part

Jamie's Welcome to Deathwish

Jamie Foy's Welcome to Deathwish part just recently dropped and is full of footage that is heavier than ever. Give it a look and then read his follow up interview over at Thrasher. Good work Jamie

Tyson Peterson at Houghton Park

Quick cruise at Houghton Park in Long Beach with Tyson Peterson. Tyson's always fun and easy on the eyes to watch skate

SPoT's Adidas Samba Wear Test

The boys over in Tampa did a wear test for the Adidas "Samba" shoe. Featuring Mike Mag, Chae Espinosa, Marse Farmer, Chris Reitz, and Jyrus Ferguson.

Filmed/Edited: Tristan Mershon

Ish Cepeda: Know Future

Ish's "Know Future" video just came out and is a must see. Click to watch it then read his follow up interview here

Plus Skateshop's KOTK Winners

First place prize of this year's Plus Skateshop King of the Kicker goes to Troy Vetri and his crew: Jon Mohler, Lake Black, Eric Testerman, and Ryan Mickelson for putting together this brilliant video